As part of our staff, you will receive quality support and guidance for the direction you want your teaching and leadership career to take. We can provide a range of opportunities to develop your current and future roles within our Academies with an emphasis on:


  • Collaboration

  • Teamwork

  • Professional generosity

  • Further qualifications

  • Shadowing colleagues

  • Bespoke training












































Primary Staff journeys - Listen below to what our staff say about how they got to where they are......

‘From the very top, leaders are ambitious for pupils’ success.  They have clearly defined strategies for achieving high standards of behaviour and good academic progress.’

Ofsted 2019, Gateway Primary Free School

The ten defining characteristics we look for when developing our staff are:


  • Honesty and integrity

  • Commitment and passion

  • Outstanding communicator

  • Inspirational to others

  • Capacity for sustained and improved performance

  • Resilience

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Humility

  • Vision and purpose

  • Sense of humour


We believe that by shaping the ten characteristics, you will become a better and more effective teacher and leader capable of demonstrating positive impact in the role you choose to move into.

Whether it is becoming the best classroom teacher, middle leader or senior leader we can nurture your talent in order for you to realise your potential.

Career Development - Primary


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